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About Fast Friends

Fast Friends is dedicated to educating the public about greyhounds and sighthounds and finding responsible, loving homes for those in need. Fast Friends is a state-licensed animal shelter and non-profit organization founded in 1992 in West Swanzey, NH. We are involved with the community providing education, training, and a resource center supporting the public, community groups, and greyhound and sighthound organizations worldwide. We believe that enriching the lives of those in our community, both human and animal, is an essential part of our mission.

Fast Friends also offers all-breed doggie Daycare and Boarding, as well as a Pet Salon. Bring in your pooch to play and be pampered!

Commercial dog racing is no longer legal in NH (since 2010), however there are still race tracks in 7 states. Fast Friends recievees dogs from the states were racing is still legal and active.

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